French Whisky, A Secret Amongst Connoisseurs

French Whisky, A Secret Amongst Connoisseurs

France is the largest whisky-consuming country in the world. French people love a good malt. And although they surely enjoy Scotch, they also produce their own whisky, and it’s better than ever. 

French whisky has the charm you’d expect from the country’s brown spirit experience, where each malt has the elegance and strength of fine cognac. French whisky is on par with the country’s wine and brandy, and although it is still not as popular as other whiskies, it is undoubtedly as good as the best. This is what you need to know about French whisky — a secret amongst connoisseurs. 

What is French Whisky? 

Finding French whisky outside France is rare. After all, French people enjoy whisky like no other country. The quality, of course, is as good as everything French — the country’s gourmand standards are off the charts!

Producers make whisky all around France, from its northern shores to the Alps. Although the whisky industry is relatively young, as it started in the eighties, today, it is significant in terms of volume and quality. Many Cognac and wine producers now make their own whisky with the same standards used in their other products, and most distilleries are exceedingly small. What you get is a collection of terroir-driven single malts and versatile blended whiskies to satisfy the most demanding palates. 

French Whisky to Try 

There’s no doubt French whisky is as varied as its Scottish counterpart. Here are our favourite French whisky brands, which you can enjoy in our catalogue. 

Lothaire Tourbe Whisky Single Malt de France. This extraordinary single malt offers notes of honey and grains over a round palate with stunning persistence. The whisky is produced with grains grown in Lorraine and is named after Lothaire II, King of Franks. 

Lothaire Fruite Whisky Single Malt de France. This fruit-forward single malt is also made artisanally in Lorraine and shows hints of roasted nuts and dried fruit on the nose and palate. 

  1. Premiers Blended Whisky. The Beveland Distillery makes this masterpiece in the Pyrenees and offers clues of old-world malts mingling with French and American oak spices. Although delicious on its own, W. Premiers is also fantastic when mixed. 

Hepp Single Malt Ouisky. This speciality of Alsace, home of fine wine and premium beer, was founded in 1972. This is one of the most significant distilleries in the area, and Hepp Single Malt is known as one of the best whiskies in France. 

The Johnny Hepp Single Malt. The Hepp family traditionally makes this unique Alsatian single malt and ages it in Bourbon and French wine barrels for extra complexity and a noticeable layer of brown spices. 

Tharcis Hepp Plum Cask Finish. This is the Hepp distillery blended whisky, and it represents the best in their repertoire for the category. The plum cask finish gives this malt a fruity personality.

Add French Whisky to your Collection

French whisky is, without a doubt, a premium spirit. The country’s blended malts are delicious in cocktails, while their acclaimed single malts have a sense of place, or what the French call ‘terroir.’ Try French whisky and join a select group of brown spirit enthusiasts that have found in the spirit more than an alternative to Scotch — French whisky has its own merits.

Explore our selection of French whisky and order yours online. Add this fine spirit to your malt collection and compare it with your favourite whiskies. French whisky will not disappoint. Just keep it a secret!

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