What is Natural Wine, and Where to Get It in Singapore?

Natural wines have gained popularity in Singapore, with more and more wine enthusiasts seeking out this unique style. Unlike conventional wines, natural wines are made with minimal intervention and without the use of chemicals or additives. This results in a wine that truly reflects the terroir and grape variety, with a distinct taste and aroma. If you're looking to try natural wines in Singapore, there are plenty of options available at wine bars and specialty shops. Don't miss out on this exciting trend in the world of wine!
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What Are Natural Wines?

Wine is a natural agricultural product. Producers harvest grapes, press them and ferment their juice to get wine. This is how people have made wine for thousands of years. However, science has helped and in some cases, hindered the relatively straightforward process.

Today, people make regular wine with additives, preservatives and intrusive techniques that make it more stable. However, these additives and processes change the wine’s personality. For example, pasteurising the wine, using cultured yeast, or adding sulfites to preserve it are standard practices that make wine, in a way, unnatural. Having said that, natural winemakers make wine the old-fashioned way, with no additives — not even sulphites, the most prevalent antioxidant and preservative used to make wine today. They also used organic grapes, resulting in unique beverages.


Is Natural Wine Better for You?

Natural wine has gained popularity for its health claims. Although commercial additives and preservatives used in regular wine are not necessarily bad for you, some people might be allergic to some substances — people attribute headaches and hangovers to sulphites.

Natural is always better, which applies to everything we eat and drink. However, the best thing about natural wine is not its health benefits but its personality — it is a more accurate expression of the grapes and the land, which the French call ‘terroir.’ Natural wine, when done right, tastes like regular wine, but it is better in many ways!


Natural Wine to Taste Today

Krontiras Malbec Natural Organic Biodynamic. Argentina is at the forefront of the Natural Wine Movement in South America. Red, white and rosés show beautifully when made non-interventionally. That’s the case with this plummy red wine with ripe black fruit, spices and violets on the nose and palate. Enjoy with grilled red meat.


Krontiras Doña Silvina Skin Contact Chardonnay Natural. Kontriras Winery also produces a rich Chardonnay with natural techniques, and they macerate the grapes to give it textural complexity. This bold white wine offers golden apples and white flowers over a creamy palate for the perfect partner for grilled pork and roasted birds.


Krontiras Afron Pet Nat Aglianico. This naturally sparkling wine is fizzy and lively, offering exciting acidity and white fruit aromas. This Pètillant Naturel is made with organic grapes farmed biodynamically, with little intervention. 


Natural Wine to Try in Singapore

Although commercial wine still dominates the market in Singapore, there is a growing interest in natural wines among wine enthusiasts. Natural wines, which are made with minimal intervention and without the use of chemicals, are becoming recognized as a better and more exciting product. While still rare, natural wines can be found in select wine shops and restaurants throughout the city.

Natural wine doesn’t contain preservatives and might develop faster than well-preserved commercial wine, but just like craft beer versus commercial beer, it’s worth the risk. Opening a bottle of natural wine is always an adventure, and it will keep your senses sharp as you discover the true essence of your favourite grapes. Buy natural wine in Singapore at EC Wines, and let us introduce you to the curated wine category.


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