Shop Wines & Spirits Online: Discover a New World of Taste at EC Wines

Shop Wines & Spirits Online: Discover a New World of Taste at EC Wines
The world of wine, beer and spirits is an extraordinary one. Undoubtedly, every beverage has a unique personality and offers incredible experiences to seasoned connoisseurs and amateur enthusiasts. At Eclectique Wines & Spirits, we’ve put together a curated selection of beverages that will take you on a world tour and back with every sip.
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Shop Wines & Spirits Online: Discover a New World of Taste at EC Wines
This is a brief preview of what you will find in our beverage catalogue, from easy sippers for everyday enjoyment to authentic collector’s items. Our collection will swoon you and your guests off your feet.
Our beverage selection is available nationwide through our alcohol delivery in Singapore ser
vice so you can order your favourite wine, beer and spirits confidently and comfortably.
Fine Wine Delivered to Your Doorstep
Wine is the most sophisticated beverage on the planet. People make wine in over seventy countries, with hundreds of different grapes in dozens of styles! There’s undoubtedly one for every palate, budget and occasion.
Buy wine online in Singapore and choose a bottle from our curated selection. From thirst-quenching Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand to creamy Australian Chardonnay, from cherry-scented Chianti to a structured Bordeaux. Explore our selection of Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir and much more. The best wine in Singapore is one click away.
Our award-winning rose and organic sparkling wines are the perfect addition for any special occasion. For the bubbly lovers, we offer a selection of Prosecco and Cava that will delight all your party guests. Wine can turn a get-together into a memorable event, and there’s one for every palate, budget and occasion.
Explore Unique Curated Artisanal Sakes For Your Next Party
Finding fine sake in Singapore is no easy feat, so we made sure we offer a wide selection of fragrant rice wine in all styles with sake enthusiasts in mind. Did you know sake is as complex as wine? And every type offers a unique tasting experience.
Our sake collection is artisanally made in small batches at the famous Akashi Sake Brewery, which has been making sake since 1917 in Hyogo, the birthplace of Sake. For a lovely sake that won’t disappoint, order a bottle of Tokubetsu Junmai, made with pure rice. Now, for special occasions, we also offer aromatic Daiginjo Sake, amongst the best in the world, sake that will surely impress even the most refined palates. Sake is not wine or beer, but its own category, and it’s delicious.
premium imported beers
We’re constantly adding beer brands to our selection, ensuring we offer some of the world’s finest brews. Beer varies in quality, so finding brands worthy of our customers is a challenge. However, we are immensely proud to work with brands as prestigious as Peroni from Italy and the Dutch Oranjeboom.
Check back often and see what we’ve got for you. Treat yourself to our exciting finds and discover new beers from all corners of the earth. World-class beer might not be easy to find, but the thorough search is well worth it.
High-quality Spirits for Everyone
We try to have all types of beverages available for our discerning customers, but there’s no doubt we’ve put extra effort into sourcing the finest spirits to crown our collection. Artisanal rum, vodka, gin, tequila and brandy are well-represented with renowned brands of the highest quality. We have also sourced extraordinary Chinese Moutai Baijiu, and premium whiskies to complete your spirit cabinet. Whether you’re having a party or are just looking for a fine spirit to relax at home, our collection of spirits will surely satisfy.
Browse our wine, beer, sake and spirits selection and enjoy a world of possibilities. Order your favourite beverages online and let us take care of you. At Eclectique Wines & Spirits, we’re all about bringing value to your doorstep. Let’s enjoy the marvellous world of beverages together!

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