All About Rum, The Tropical Treasure

All About Rum, The Tropical Treasure

Rum is the very essence of the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and a few other tropical regions worldwide, where sugarcane grows freely, and you can taste it with every sip. Rum is festive and invites long hours of music, dancing and laughter with friends and family. 

Rum is also a noble spirit and is suitable for memorable moments. There’s a type of rum for all palates and occasions. And let’s not even start with rum’s ability to make refreshing cocktails; the tropical spirit can do it all. Here is all you need to know about rum and the best rum brands to try. 

What is Rum? 

Rum is a spirit obtained by distilling sugar cane juice and molasses, the by-product of sugar production. These sweet ingredients are fermented and distilled to get a clear spirit that smells and tastes like the tropics. Some types of rum are bottled right after being distilled, but others spend months or years in barrels, gaining aromatic complexity and colour. 

Rum is often inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean it is not as good as pricier spirits. The brown spirit is also useful when mixing drinks, as it goes well with a wide variety of mixers and is the critical ingredient in cocktails as famous as the Daiquiri, Mojito and Rum and Coke. Whether white or oak-aged, rum is always easy to drink for its natural sugarcane sweetness. 

Rum Brands to Try 

These are our favourite rums in the most popular categories. You can find these brands and others in our curated rum selection to order online. 

Ron La Progresiva 13. The Island Rum Company produces this robust Cuban rum, combining tradition with progressive ideas. The result is sipping rum with an impressive depth of flavour. 

Black Tears Dry Spiced Rum. This is one of the few Cuban spiced rums on the market and surprises rum enthusiasts with hints of coffee, cacao and sweet pepper. This rum is delicious in craft cocktails. 

Marama Indonesian Premium Rum. This attractive spiced rum is based on rum made in Fiji, combined with local spices for a heartwarming delight.


Flor de Santa Cruz Blanco Reserva. They distill this delicious white Caribbean rum in copper stills and is ideal for mixing tropical cocktails. The palate is deliciously refreshing.

Ron Bermudez Aniversario. Ron Bermudez is a Dominican rum commemorating the historical distillery’s anniversary, founded in 1852. Expect caramel, citrus and toasted nuts on the nose. 

Mix Yourself a Tropical Drink!

There’s no beverage more festive than rum, and its versatility is off the charts. Order rum today and mix yourself a cocktail or enjoy it over ice. There might be many types of rum, but they’re all delicious. The question is, what is your favourite rum? 

Rum is as easy to mix as it is to share, so get your hands on a few bottles of this tropical-scented sugarcane spirit and let’s get that party started. Rum enthusiasts rejoice — fine rum is more available than ever, so call friends for a cocktail and play some tropical music. 

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